Global Test Solutions Launches New DL Series Electronic DC Loads

High-speed Feedback Control Eliminates Current Overshoot & Undershoot

Escondido, Calif.—November 15, 2012—Global Test Solutions has launched the DL Series electronic direct current (DC) loads from NF Corporation with high-speed feedback control. Fast response times eliminate the common problem of overshoot and undershoot, better emulating a real-world electronic load. Design engineers, quality assurance managers, and production test engineers developing power supplies, batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells all use electronic loads during design and manufacturing.

“As efficient power becomes more and more important, designing power sources that provide clean power is essential,” said Arlene Meadows, Principal, Global Test Solutions. “The DL Series offers a wide variety of features and voltage and current ranges with exceptional speed with measurement functions that improve test accuracy and reduced set-up times.”

About the DL Series Electronic DC Loads

There are four DL Series electronic DC load models available, each with six modes combining constant voltage, current, and resistance, from 300W to 1000W. DL Series loads can be ganged together to configure up to a 10kW system. The input voltage is variable, with options up to 120V at 180A or 500V at 36A for the 1kW models.lobal Test Solutions Launches New DL Series Electronic DC Loads

The DL Series simulates linear resistance when testing battery discharge, photovoltaic panels, or as a test load for DC power supplies. Their high-speed feedback control and fast slew-rate eliminate current overshoot and undershoot. Multiple units can be operated together as a master/slave to increase the current and voltage, and for testing multiple devices under test (DUTs).

The instruments can be used to measure power supply ripple and power. Voltage, current, and ripple noise measurements allow precise measurement of the DUT voltage and current. This allows users to eliminate the use of an external oscilloscope to make measurements of the DUT’s noise parameters.

The DL Series allows parallel and multi-channel synchronous operation for multiple DUTs to be synchronized and tested, saving time in test set-up and operation.

Price and availability

The NF Corporation’s DL Series of electronic loads is priced starting at U.S. $4,000. They are available for order with delivery of six to eight weeks. The DL Series is available in the United States exclusively from Global Test Solutions.

About Global Test Solutions

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