Delta Elektronika Announces New Bi-directional 15 kW / 500 Volt DC Power Supply

SAN DIEGO—SEPTEMBER 12, 2017—Delta Elektronika announced its first 15 kW standard power supply, the SM500-CP-90. The power supply offers a bi- directional output and advanced new features at the price of a standard version. Operation is easy, with no need to study bulky manuals.

About the new 15 kW power supply
The SM500-CP-90 features a flexible constant power output characteristic—the lower the voltage, the higher the current. For example: 500V = -30 to +30 A; 250 V = -60 to +60 A, and 166 V = -90 to +90 A. Voltage, positive current, and negative current can all be adjusted from zero to maximum.

In sink mode, Delta’s Power Regeneration Technology returns energy back to the grid with an efficiency of 95%. Due to this high efficiency, the cabinet height is just 3U, without compromise to the product lifespan.

Dynamic response to load changes is excellent, allowing very fast load variations between -90 and +90A. The all-digital control makes it possible to adapt regulation to match load type. The input range is 480 V AC to easily accommodate US mains.

The new SM500-CP-90 is protected against all overload conditions while temperature-controlled fans guarantee silent operation. EMC-conducted and radiated emissions are according to EN55022 Class B.

Global Test Solutions is single source for Delta Elektronika products

The SM500-CP-90 power supply is available only through Global Test Solutions in North America. The price of a SM500-CP-90 is $9,000. Availability is four weeks after receipt of purchase order. To order now, or to make inquiries, call Arlene Meadows at +1 (760) 751-2049 or email

To learn more, download the data sheet:

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